Achievements in political science will be awarded in memoriam of Vitali Silitski

Vitali Silitski Commemoration Committee launched the Award “For Contribution in Development of Political Science in Belarus” to maintain the memory of a world-known Belarusian political scientists, public thinker, and the first director of BISS. 

The aim of the Vitali Silitski award is support of the tradition of high quality and professionalism in political science that had been introduced by Vitali Silitski. His colleagues often note that it was he who brought in Belarusian political science Western standards of work, keeping at the same time his own author style. He always reacted vividly and strongly to everything what happened in Belarus, made accurate forecasts and high level analytics, spoke easily about difficult things.

Vitali’s last words to his friends and colleagues were those: I am dying, but make everything to keep alive the ideas I have lived for. To maintain the testament of Vitali Silitski and to keep the high standard of work set by Vitali, the Commemoration Committee decided to launch in his honour the Award For Contribution in Development of Political Science in Belarus.

Nominees may be proposed by anybody via this form or by sending a proposal to [email protected]. It should be works of 2012 that are solid analysis, deep analytics, or a new view on the events in Belarus from the position of political science. The nomination will last from January 15 till February 28.

The winner of the Award For Contribution in Development of Political Science in Belarus will be chosen by professional jury that consists from famous political scientists and public figures, among them Uladzimir Rouda, Andrei Kazakevich, Dzianis Melyantsou, Ales Lahviniec, Valer Bulhakau and many others. If any of the jury members becomes a nominee, he or she may pretend at the prize, but should leave the jury.

The jury will work for the final decision during March. The Award Ceremony will take place at the beginning of April 2013.

 The organisers of the Vitali Silitski Award plan to make it an annual event.

For additional information please contact coordinators of the Vitali Silitski Commemoration Committee via [email protected]

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