International Mother Tongue Day: Vitali Silitski about Belarusian Language

Being a real scientist and cosmopolite, Vitali Silitski first of all remained a Belarusian. For the International Mother Tongue Day we propose you some Vitali's statements about Belarusian language and identity.

Achievements in political science will be awarded in memoriam of Vitali Silitski

Vitali Silitski Commemoration Committee launched the Award “For Contribution in Development of Political Science in Belarus” to maintain the memory of a world-known Belarusian political scientists, public thinker, and the first director of BISS.

Today Vitali Silitski would celebrate his 40th anniversary

On December 25 prominent Belarusian political scientist Vitali Silitski would be 40 years old. Just year and a half Vitali did not live up to his anniversary. However, his ideas are still living.

Authoritarian Laboratory - the Case of Belarus

Article by Stephan Malerius to the obit of Vitali Silitski

In Memoriam: Vitali Silitski (2012)

On June 11, 2012 one year passed since the death after hard illness of famous Belarusian political scientist Vitali Silitski. During this time his friends and colleagues have not accepted the loss. Those who could not come to the Commemoration Evening send their memories. Also to the obit of Vitali Silitski a special issue of Belarus Headlines journal dedicated to him was issued.

Vitali Silitski Memorial Evening held in Minsk

Minsk’s Ў Gallery hosted a memorial evening for the first BISS Director Vital Silicki on the day of the obit, 11 June. Vital’s friends and colleagues shared their memories of the globally renowned political researcher in a very warm atmosphere.

Vitali Silitski Commemoration Committee was created

The Commemoration Committee was created in memoriam of Vitali Silitski, the first director of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS), outstanding Belarusian political scientist, public activist, and a blogger.

Vitali Silitski. In Memoriam (2011)

On June 11, 2011 the first academic director of BISS Vital Silicki died after hard illness, before the age of 39. Friends and colleagues say words of condolences and share memories.

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